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Digital Network Architecture

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Coming Next...September 2016

Start your journey to the next era in networking

Introducing Cisco Digital Network Architecture


Everything is going digital and making things interesting for IT.  We all need to do everything faster and better, and keep everything secure.

Can your network keep up?


Join us at a venue near you to find out how your network can keep up and become your foundation for transformation.  We will give you the lowdown on Cisco DNA our open and extensible, software-driven architecture. Built on a set of design principles it provides innovations in the campus, in the branch and in the WAN.


Hear how you can:


  1. Be freed from IT drudgery with automation. So you can provision, configure and manage with the click of a button.

  2. Tap into the intelligence in the network so it can intrinsically understand what needs to be done, and then just do it.

  3. Collect and process data it in real time, to gain insight and deliver immediate value.

  4. Predict and detect threats 100 times faster and disarm them in hours not days, with Cisco’s security everywhere strategy. 


Start your journey to creating the network foundation that will help you protect your business, make better decisions and stay competitive.


We look forward to meeting you, answering your questions and sharing insights.


Let us know which event you plan to attend by registering now.

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Next Scheduled Events:

Manchester - 13th September, 2016

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Glasgow - 14th September, 2016

Dublin - 15th September, 2016

Reading - 20th September, 2016

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London - 22nd September, 2016

London Event Now Full

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